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Alpacas at Archerfield

07 October 2018

When: 7th October, 11am - 3pm 

Where: The Courtyard, Archerfield Walled Garden

Tickets: £6 for one child and an additional £2 per child with a maximum of 3 children per Alpaca. 

Have you ever fancied having a chat with an Alpaca? At last, your dreams can be fulfilled! On October 7th Velvet Hall Alpacas are bringing some of their brood to visit us at Archerfield Walled Garden for a day of petting, feeding and Alpaca walking around our courtyard and garden.

Velvet Hall's Alpacas are adorable and love meeting new people; they are always keen to go for a walk and will amble along taking it all in their stride with a playful, inquisitive nature that we're sure both you and your children will fall in love with.

For little ones under 6

You can come along and meet the Alpacas. Little ones will be able to pet them, feed them and have their photo taken with their Alpaca. Unfortunately, under 6s can't take the alpacas for a walk and they must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  

For little ones age 6 & 7

You slightly older kids will be able to do all of the above with the added excitement of taking your very own Alpaca for a stroll. They will use 2 ropes - one for them and one for their guardian who must hold the rope at all times.

Big kids aged 8+

You'll get to take charge all by yourself! Children 8 and over will be able to pet the Alpacas, feed them, have their photo taken and then strut their stuff round our courtyard and garden all by themselves though they must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

There are no dogs allowed near the Alpacas so if you're coming along for the day then you may need to leave your other four legged friend at home. 

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