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Fairy Trail

Can you find the Fairies at the bottom of Archerfield Walled Garden?

Everyone knows that fairies live at the bottom of gardens and Archerfield Walled Garden is no different. As the fairies were flying over East Lothian under the harvest moon, they spotted Archerfield Walled Garden’s magical wishing tree. Deciding to land to take a better look, they had arrived in magical Old Archerfield Wood. They loved it so much they decided to make it their new home. 

Allow yourself to drift into a magical mood (remembering to whisper so you don’t scare them away). Keep your eyes peeled, and take a wander around the Archerfield Walled Garden’s magical Fairy Trail to see if you can find their exquisite homes hidden in the trees. 

Start your visit by collecting the Fairy Trail quiz from the Archerfield Walled Garden Foodmarket, then follow the signs down through the wonderful willow walk, through the gate and around our beautiful fairy trail. As you know every fairy is different and so are their homes. Can you find them all?

“It’s a happy little wood, quite the perfect place, all the little creatures, sharing natures space. With animals and fairies, all living here together, Looking after each other, always friends forever.”

The Fairy Walk is FREE to enter.