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Wildlife Wonders

Our wildlife area is starting to come together. The plants are flowering and the place is teaming with bugs, birds and butterflies.

Even though the development of this area is in its early stages we already have a wide variety of species coming in to visit the garden. Violet ground beetles have been investigating our log pile, a variety of bees and butterflies are feeding on the flowers for pollen and nectar, and fledgling birds (wrens, robins, blackbirds, pied wagtails) are looking for worms, grubs and insects.

We have also found common newts in the undergrowth and tiny frogs hopping across the lawns on the wider estate. Next time you are at Archerfield come and explore and see what wildlife you can find.

We run a Minibeast Hunt on 4th August where you'll get up close to bugs and beasties with the East Lothian Countryside Ranger Service.

We're also encouraging people to take part in the Big Butterfly Count while they are here. The Big Butterfly Count is a nationwide survey aimed at assessing the health of our environment. It was launched in 2010 and has rapidly become the world's biggest survey of butterflies. The count runs until Sunday 6 August. Pop down to Archerfield Walled Garden to pick up your butterfly count sheet and choose a spot in our garden to take part. It only takes 15 minutes.